Are you worried about rising energy costs and lack of flexibility from your current energy providers?

Our energy audit can help you understand the whole picture of your organisation's energy usage as well as identifying multiple areas for cost reduction.

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Our Energy Services


Many businesses believe they have limited choice in their commercial energy supplier. However, there are many choices available to businesses these days, and the Atlantic Energy Business Team could help you save up to 60% on your energy bills. Our energy tendering service uses your consumption data to request prices today from 24 different UK energy providers. We manage the change and ensure you are billed correctly each month as part of the service.

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Savings totalling £11 million for our customers

Reduce your energy bills by up to 60%
Choose from 24 different UK energy providers
You choose the supplier and the length of term

Our Energy Services


Generally your energy billing will come under a contract, which renews each year. As part of our service we automatically give your supplier a termination notice in writing, then go out to tender. You may not have to change suppliers, often we will gain better tariffs from your existing supplier and there is nothing else you need to do but pay lower prices. Either way, we manage the change of supplier or tariff and check each month that you are billed correctly.

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We manage communication with your existing supplier

Together we choose the optimum tariff and supplier

We manage the change of tariff or supplier
We check each month that you are billed correctly

Our Energy Services


Our energy cost reduction service is provided free of charge to our customers. For each contract that we arrange with business energy suppliers, we earn a small fee from the selected supplier. We work with a range of suppliers, 24 in all, so we often have access to better rates - often up to 15% cheaper - than those you may get by going direct, because suppliers know they have to offer us competitive rates to win the business.

Register for a free energy audit to find out how we can reduce energy costs for your organisation.

We compare published rates from 24 suppliers

We also have access to rates up to 15% cheaper
Cost reduction of both electricity and gas contracts
Green energy supply cost comparison and certification