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Atlantic Business Communications (ABC) Introduction

Atlantic Business Communications (ABC) is the UK's Premier Telecommunications Service Provider.

Since Atlantic Business Resources' inception in 2008 we have been growing profitably and sustainably, focusing on establishing the best strategic partnerships available - we call it best of breed. We enjoy delivering bespoke solutions alongside the highest levels of customer service, skilled consultancy and technical expertise in terms of an impartial service provider of telecoms. We are a strong, financially stable business and our vastly experienced management team has the pedigree to deliver best of breed solutions to customers. That's why organisations trust us with the communications infrastructures that are vital to their day-to-day business operations. ABC manages a growing number of large corporate clients telecoms estate with over 12,000 mobiles devices and lines.

Whilst there are obviously many competitors in our market, we believe we are different in a number of ways that always benefits the customer first. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality joined-up communications solutions encompassing voice, mobile, broadband and IT solutions. We work alongside best-in-class companies such as BT O2 Telefonica, Vodafone, T Mobile, EE, Orange, Cisco, Apple, Blackberry, TalkTalk Business, Gamma Telecom, Griffin and Voicenet to ensure our customers communicate effectively and remain ahead of the competition.

ABC partners with the UK's best providers of telecoms, broadband and mobile network services and a range of specialist solutions providers across the communications spectrum. ABC has uniquely contracted with O2, Gamma (for its Vodafone option), BT Mobile, EE, Orange and T-Mobile, ensuring we remain impartial and network agnostic. Within the two main wholesale relationships of O2 and Gamma (Vodafone), we have very strong commercials, which means we receive highly preferential rates and tariffs - savings that we can then pass on to our customers. ABC has a comprehensive range of tariffs and plans to suit every kind of business need and we can also supply a wide selection of handsets and devices including the very best selling smartphones.

ABC's Unique Service Propositions

How does it work?

Atlantic aims to break from the traditional simple methodology of providing mobile phone and fixed line services (with 2, 3 and 5 year contracts) and moving to a more cloud-centric model, where BOSS, FUSION and other cloud value-added services combined with flexible contracts and tariffs ensures our service is clearly different in the market-place.

We are passionate about the flexibility of our wrapped managed service in this area. It is this comprehensive range of telecoms related services which allow us to blend profits across different services ensuring we are always more competitive on price whilst remaining profitable.

Our Commitment to You

  • We do what we say.
  • Management focus to deliver best 'total cost of ownership' and efficiency savings for clients irrespective of organizational size.
  • Month by month contracts if preferred rather than 2/3 year contracts
  • Clients can choose from any mobile network provider (impartiality), combined with wholesale buyer of both Vodafone and O2 allowing us to create bespoke tariffs.
  • Clients can choose a combination of network service providers all managed centrally by ABC
  • BOSS - our sophisticated web portal that validates billing, automated allocation of costs, ensures HMRC compliance, facilitates personal call management etc... and our service is the telecoms expense managed service of choice for Capita Consulting.
  • FUSION - sophisticated software that forces mobiles calls over our client's fixed line telephony rather than the mobile airwaves saving 50-70% of call costs.
  • Comprehensive BT fixed line service provision for fixed line telephony and associated services allowing us to provide all telephony services on one bill
  • Historical focus is upon cost reduction and solutions provision, not just selling a service
  • The whole range of services allows us to generate revenues that enable a 'blending' of profits from the different sources to ensure we are always more competitive. Then it is simply about delivering great service.

Our Service

  • Telecoms Expense Managed Service (BOSS) for clients with 100 plus mobile devices/telephone lines
  • FUSION - delivering roaming savings and forcing calls over PBX
  • All 'flavours' of mobile (impartiality)
  • M2M services
  • Fixed line telephone calls and access
  • Data
  • Intelligent numbers
  • SIP
  • Conferencing
  • Cloud Services
  • Recycling

Additional Services Strategy

ABC also provides historical and on-going energy billing audit and procurement services for an additional value-added service provision.

Energy Management

Since 2004, Atlantic have been at the forefront of energy procurement for commercial and industrial clients. With a wealth of vastly experienced analysts and industry-leading experts utilizing our sophisticated energy management software, we are well equipped to assist your business in significantly cutting down on energy costs and usage.

With outstanding results time and time again, we have a proven track record with thousands of satisfied clients. But don't just take our word for it; our numbers speak volumes.

  • More than 2,680 clients managed.
  • Over 2 billion kWh managed annually.
  • More than 8,150 meters managed.
  • 100% retention of clients managed on fixed and managed solutions.
  • Over £125 million of energy managed by the energy management team.

Whether it's energy procurement, market analysis, historical audits, energy management, bureau services or renewable energy projects, Atlantic are ready and able to manage your company's energy needs.

Our sophisticated software enables us to provide a comprehensive pricing exercise the same day (for SME clients), once we receive copies of your energy billing and letter of authority, enabling an accelerated savings option when we complete our online energy pricing for you. For larger clients the process takes about one week.

ABC's Telecoms Partners Include

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